The wireless technology is no less than a boon for the whole mankind. With so many technological evolutions and advancements, this is the one invention which is now used by people all over the world. The first and foremost application of wireless is in the communication sector. The communication sector has the maximum utility of the wireless technology. All the communication that is happening today can only be done with the help of wireless. Examples of communication using wireless techniques are satellite radio, mobile phones, pager, etc. the communication which is facilitated with the help of wireless technology basically uses a combination of waves to transmit signals from one place to another. This communication can be done over short and long distances both. Radio waves are only able to transmit signals over some meters only. The range for radio wireless communication is however short. In mobile phones there are other facilities which are wireless powered.

The most commonly used wireless facilities used in mobile phones today is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth powered devices can share files, videos and audios to another Bluetooth powered device without the use of wire. Whereas Wi-Fi signals enable the smart phone to connect to the internet. Here again the whole connection network is wireless. Other useful places where wireless is used is satellite television, GPS, cordless telephones, etc. today vehicles are GPS powered. Which means that their location can be tracked any time with the help of special trackers. The satellite television that we see at our homes is also another industry where the power of wireless is used. The invention of wireless was done long ago and now it is an integral part of our day to day communication. Most of the gadgets are evolving and devising technologies that can facilitate wireless communication.