There have been conflicting reports of late stating that ozone purifiers should be banned. Now, what is wrong with an ozone purifier? Practically speaking, the answer should be that there is nothing particularly wrong in using an ozone purifier. It should be ensured that ozone purifier is not used for residential purposes but for commercial one only. Why is it so? This is because ozone is an unstable oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen atom. This extra oxygen atom has a tendency of oxidizing any element it comes in contact with. For example, if ozone comes in contact with iron, the only thing that can happen is that the iron will rust. This will prove effective for killing molds and mildew. But if it starts killing you pets, would you accept it? The answer is absolutely “NO”. This is what it can do. It is not that ozone will always cause harm. All things in the world have been created for some purpose or the other. This ozone can be used to kill very strong odours. Thus it is used as a cleaning agent by professionals when cleaning up sewage leaks. Ozone is an air purifier with a difference. It attacks the impurities with tremendous force and converts them into non entities. At the same time ozone air purifiers have caused health problems to individuals, especially those with a history of asthma. Hence it is advised that one should use a certified ozone air purifier. In such air purifiers the percentage of ozone is within permissible limits and hence not hazardous. A lot of misleading information has been circulating in the media regarding ozone air purifiers, but the record has to be set straight. Ozone air purifiers are not recommended for residential uses but there is no bar on them being used on a professional basis.