If you are talking about chicken to anyone who watches YouTube, any cooking channel or has an opinion about cooking then they will tell you that you must NEVER use hot water, as apparently this can spread germs and these can be harmful or even fatal. Sometimes things are told to us because companies need to cover themselves for the “in case of emergency” situations where something happens and they need to be able to say the told the public not to do that.

It would be wise to note that that the ninety percent of the time right after a chicken is defrosted it is cooked. Thawing chicken is made out to be some incredibly risky business and it is not, no matter how you defrost your chicken it is ALWAYS recommended to cook it immediately after, regardless of the method used. Most people would tell you to immediately wash your hands and your utensils, you should be doing this for cleanliness sake, but there is no need to go overboard.

For health sake, raw chicken should not be kept at any temperature over 4.4 degrees Celsius for over an hour, it is not a good idea. Never defrost chicken and then put it in the fridge for later usage, this is how you will get sick, it is also not recommended to defrost a whole chicken using the hot water method, there is just too much chicken to defrost; instead use the fridge or cold running water techniques.

As long as you are intelligent about it, as well as ensuring that your chicken is properly cooked through, then there is little to no threat of salmonella poisoning. Most of the chicken sold around the world today is contaminated in some way and the only way to not get ill is by cooking it, but you wouldn’t want raw chicken would you?