Today’s markets are full of competition. There are many people and companies offering similar products or services and they have to persuade customers they are better than others. Before you decide from whom to buy something, you should compare different providers. There are special magazines and websites that help you do that by listing important features of similar companies.


Many sites in German language offer Wettanbieter Vergleich (Bookmaker Comparison). Betting is a very popular activity as people like earning without much effort. They have countless ideas what to bet on. That has encouraged many bussinesspeople to set up a company in this field. Similarly to other service providers, they offer different discounts and gifts to attract customers. All of those but also disadvantages (unfriendly staff, low prizes due to the bookmaker’s policy, maybe fraud as it happens) can be listed online or offline.

Before placing a bet, you might want to inquire where you are safe and will profit most. Those are the most important things but it also matters how accurately you will be informed and whether staff will help you with eventual trouble.

Do this in advance of entering the game. In any case, you should be sure first if you want to bet at all. What are your chances? Will the pressure from betting hurt contestants? In the scarriest instances, people bet when celebrities will die, which could one day end up with murder! What about the bookmakers’ profits – will they only be used to make rich people even more rich or for good purposes, too? There are bookmaking companies that give a part of their profits to charity and this should also be a point when choosing one. Moreover, there is a simple but sometimes forgotten rule: only bet as much as you can afford to lose.