3d rendering is a really cool way of creating an image using a three dimensional data program that has been stored on a computer. It is similar in nature to photography, as the designer is responsible for both staging various scenes, the lighting, and creating the final image. There is a major difference, however, and that is that rendering involves the imagination; nothing is real, instead, it is created with the mind and stored. The process is very lengthy, but very much worthwhile once you see the finished product.

Creations are Endless

Possibilities are endless, and your imagination can soar with ideas. Data stored inside of the computer can be most anything, whether objects or buildings, cartoon characters or people. The data is stores as a 3D picture created from your perspective. You can add shadows, textures, colors, more lighting, or special effects to the final product.

In the Movies

Now, you might be thinking you’ve seen this before in the movies, but the truth is, 3D movies and 3D rendering are totally opposite things. The movies received the three dimensional title because computers made them using 3D models. It is possible for 3D graphics to be used in the movies, however. In addition, pictures can be printed, the photos can be placed on the Internet, and much more.

How Long does Rendering Take?

Rendering can be a very lengthy process, sometimes taking months or even years for the final product to complete. Not all projects are this lengthy, however, you can expect it to be quite a process as the computer captures every single pixel found in the image, calculating it, finding rays of light, and more. On average, expect to spend a minimum of a few weeks completing a very small image, and generally longer.